Digital Marketing with Twitter

Twitter is a great platform for healthcare practices to reach and connect with a new audience. It is also a fantastic platform for your business to regularly communicate with customers.

Why every business should have a Twitter profile

A twitter account should be one of the top tools every business uses as part of their digital marketing plan.

Twitter is ideal for company announcements, sharing promo codes, blog articles and calls to action. You can even create a shortened website link that drives traffic back to your website.

Twitter also allows highly targeted advertising, meaning you can create a campaign to target the exact people that you need to reach.

Increase brand awareness

Keeping your brand name in front of our customers is important. With Twitter, you can keep them engaged.

Harvest new leads with Ads

Reach your new customers by advertising to them on Twitter. Get discovered with Twitter Ads.

Customer support channel

Twitter can be used to interact with your customers when they have questions or need some help.

Drive traffic to your website

Use shortened web links to direct traffic back to your company website.

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