Social Listening

What is Social Listening?

Social Listening involves monitoring various social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for mentions of your brand, products, competitors and any other keywords relevant to your business.

Core Digital can monitor these social media channels for you, even monitoring specific Facebook Groups. We can collect the data, analyse it and send it to you in regular reports. The information gathered can be used to produce an online mood sentiment.

Understanding how people feel about your brand helps you refine and enhance your marketing efforts. It also allows you to respond quickly to positive or negative comments.

Customer engagement

Identify opportunities to engage with your customers about your brand.

Monitor the competition

Find out what your competition is up to. Gain valuable insights into your competitor's strategy.

Analyse and take action

Is there a consistent theme? A change in trends? React quickly by being kept in the loop.

Online Mood Indicator

Monitor your brand's online mood and be alerted of trend changes as they occur.

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Social Listening

Social Listening allows you to track and respond to online chatter about your brand. Real people are talking about you online, you should be listening to them.

Social Listening

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