What to do when you no longer rank in Google Search

Have you experienced Google Search Rank shock yet? It is that feeling you get when you search for your best keywords only to discover that your company website no longer ranks on the 1st page of Google’s search results. Utter shock, complete despair. All of that hard work to get on the 1st page has gone up in smoke. What do you do now?

Unfortunately, this can happen to anyone at any time. It happens because Google has made a change to their search algorithm and they no longer rank your page as important as it once was. Is there hope after you lose your 1st-page ranking? The short answer is, yes there is hope. Don’t despair, you can recover your 1st-page rank by following a few guidelines.

Don’t despair, you can recover your 1st-page rank by following a few guidelines.

  1. Firstly, start by creating a spreadsheet or document to record some important information.
  2. Find out where you currently rank. How far down the list have you gone, 2nd page, 3rd page, worse? Write this down and record the date.
  3. Next, what pages are now ranking on the 1st page? Write them down as well and record the website address and the date.
  4. Spend some time looking through the pages that are ranking in the top 10. What is different about them? Do they have better content than your page? Is their content more up to date? Do they have more backlinks? Is their website faster? Record this information.
  5. It may take some time to get your website back on the 1st page. Consider investing in a Google Adwords campaign to ensure leads continue to come in. This will prevent a sudden loss of new clients and revenue.
  6. Do some research online to find out what changes Google made in the algorithm update. A quick search online can usually uncover the changes that were made.
  7. Once you know what has changed, you can begin modifying your webpage. I would suggest making incremental changes, nothing too major. Give it time for the search engines to re-index your page and repeat step 2 above. 
  8. Above all, remember, content is king – add new content regularly. Google’s goal is to provide users with the best experience. Help Google to do this by providing fresh relevant content on your website.

Also, you may want to consider a managed digital marketing programme to ensure that someone is always looking out for your website and ready to respond immediately if an algorithm change causes business disruption.