How to get more patients by using Google My Business

Google My Business

New technologies are keeping us better connected than ever before. This new technology connected world has presented challenges to existing businesses looking at expanding and attracting more patients through the door. Traditionally, marketing would involve newspaper ads, local mailbox flyer distribution and direct mail outs. However, such marketing techniques today would yield very little return when compared to the cost of these advertising channels.

For healthcare businesses to survive in this new market it is critical that they embrace focused, technology-driven marketing models. I am not saying that we should stop traditional marketing methods altogether, as these channels are still able to reach certain individuals, but add digital marketing to your practice’s basket of regular marketing channels.

If you can’t measure it, how will you know if you are improving?

One of the difficulties with traditional marketing has always been that it is hard to measure the success of a campaign. It is not possible to learn whether a distributed flyer has been read or not, discarded in the trash, or simply not even received. Measuring these items all becomes possible with digital marketing which means we can test and refine our campaigns over and over again until we find a campaign that works the best. It also enables us to calculate an accurate return on investment (ROI), right up to the point of being able to work out if I spend X amount of dollars on digital marketing then I will get Y amount of revenue from the newly acquired clients. So we are no longer just pouring money into a marketing campaign and hoping for the best, instead, we know what we are likely to get out of it.

Next step, sign up for Google My Business

The first place I recommend beginning with is by signing up for a Google My Business account. Once you sign up, you can enter your practices information such as address, hours of operation, website address and general info. Google will want to verify your physical address so expect a postcard to be sent to your address containing a verification code. It can take up to 2 weeks for this to arrive, so just sit tight until it does. Once you get your code you can enter it and your profile will go live.

This process alone can help improve your organic traffic and drive more patients to your practice.

Give it a go today.

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