Digital Marketing Basics

Google My Business for Healthcare

Digital Marketing has become an integral part of an overall marketing strategy for businesses these days. It would be very difficult for a business to survive in our modern connected world without embracing digital marketing and social media. But for a business owner, where do you start?

The best place to begin is with your own company website. Before investing in any digital marketing products or services, take some time to review your website first. It may be that your website is outdated, slow, not enough relevant information or even non-existent. Getting your website up and running and in good order is the first place to start your journey of attracting new clients to your business.

Digital marketing for doctors, medical practices and healthcare

Content is king

Many small business owners fall for the trap of creating a simple brochure type website that quickly becomes outdated. The problem with brochure type websites is that these websites tend to focus on talking about your own business rather than providing the content that a client may be interested in. Remember, a client is not interested in knowing about you, they want to know what you can do to help them today. So spend some time coming up with content-rich information that will create value for your client and give them a reason to make the first step in contacting you.

In addition to creating quality rich content, you must keep this content up to date. It is all so easy to start creating good content and then as things get busy continuing that content creation gets forgotten and before you know it the content that you do have is over a year old.

If you can’t produce content on a weekly basis, then try monthly. Something is better than nothing. Set yourself a recurring task to spend time creating new content once a month. Get yourself a notepad or diary and during the month keep notes as you go about your day, as inspiration can strike at any time. Think about what issues clients have raised this month, what questions have they asked? What new updates have occurred in your industry that clients may like to know about? When your recurring task comes up you’ll have a page of ideas ready to go.

Remember, Google also loves rich content

After a while of creating regular new rich content, you will find that your website will start to naturally rank higher in the search results. This is because Google has noticed and will be checking your site for new content more regularly. Google now value’s your website higher than it did before.

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