Brand Recognition in Healthcare

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Branding is defined as promoting a product or service through a distinctive, unique image and design. This is meant to create an easily recognisable presence that consumers can distinguish from its competitors. Branding can help you attract new patients and increase loyalty.

Why does branding matter in healthcare?

The healthcare industry has been revolutionized by the emergence of the internet, social media, and new advertising methods. A few decades ago, most doctors would have never thought about using advertising to attract new patients. Now, however, having an easily-recognizable brand can help digitally-driven consumers find you in a sea of options.

A strong branding strategy can make customers see you as a safe, trustworthy alternative to your competitors.

It can also create a positive word-of-mouth reputation, which will result in increased customer loyalty and new consumers. Branding can also help you target exactly the type of cases that you wish to handle, thanks to audience segmentation techniques.

Brand recognition can increase your medical practice’s worth. Consumers are more likely to be willing to spend more money on providers with strong branding. Having an easily-recognizable brand can increase your net worth and provide an advantage over your competition. It can also attract investors, raise interest in mergers with you, and decrease risk for your practice.

How to improve brand recognition in healthcare

Focus on the experience. Your branding is a way to show potential patients what they can expect if they come to your practice. Use branding to promise a positive experience to your patients, and then make sure that you deliver on those claims. As more patients leave your practice feeling satisfied, your positive reputation will grow.

Find what makes you different from your competition. This requires you to do some introspection. What sets you apart from others? Why are you a better alternative than other doctors? The answer could be additional education, innovative procedures, lower fees, a convenient location, the awards you’ve received, amongst many other options. Discover what makes you different from your competition and make sure you highlight that difference.

Understand your audience. Figure out exactly who you wish to appeal to; this will largely depend on the type of practice you run. Once you’ve determined who your audience is, make sure you create messages and an image that resonates with them.

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