About Us

Core Digital is a healthcare digital marketing agency based in Auckland, New Zealand. We strive to help healthcare providers market themselves in our digital age.

An intelligent digital marketing strategy for healthcare can mean the difference between business success or failure. Embracing social media and digital marketing is essential to keeping your customers engaged at all times.

Because we specialise in the Healthcare market we can design a digital marketing strategy tailored for your needs to help bring more patients through your door.

Auckland Digital Marketing for Healthcare

Accelerate your healthcare business with intelligent digital marketing

Our Values

Honesty & Integrity

We must always act with honesty and integrity, to be compassionate, friendly and loyal. To make sure that we do the right thing and treat our relationships well.

Deliver WOW Service

We strive to provide the best customer service possible. We aim to keep our customers happy at every step of the business relationship.

Passion & Determination

We value passion, determination and perseverance. We believe in what we are doing and believe in delivering exceptional results for our customers.

Be Fun & Positive

We find value in being fun and positive. Rather than just being corporate and boring, we like to inject fun and humor into our surroundings.


Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. We aim to listen to our clients and keep them informed at all stages of the business.

Be on time

We believe in punctuality. We value our time and that of our clients.

Growth & Knowledge

We strive for our staff to grow personally and professionally. We believe in upskilling and keeping ahead of the technology curve.

Go the extra mile

We strive to provide continuous exceptional value and results for our clients.

Michael Inglis - Digital Marketing Specialist

Michael Inglis

Digital Marketing Specialist

Michael is the founder and director of Core Digital. Michael's background is in custom web software development with over 20 years of experience in website development and information technology.

He has extensive experience in the Health Care sector and focuses on helping health care providers acquire new patients and boost their market presence through the use of intelligent digital marketing strategies.

Accelerate your healthcare business with intelligent digital marketing

Core Digital

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